What is Telobag?

Telobag is a non-plastic plastic bag. It is-

  1. Plant-Based, Made of Cassava Starch.
  2. Dissolves in The Sea & Rivers.
  3. ZERO Microplastics Residue.
  4. Non-Toxic when Incinerated.
  5. Safe to be Ingested by Animals & Kind to Plants.
  6. Back to Nature. Biodegradable in 180 Days.
  7. Decomposes Along with Paper Waste & Organic Waste. Nice.
  8. Need I say more?

Follow the experiment below to check whether your bag is another plastic bag or plant-based bag-
  1. Dissolve it in hot water (80c and above). Organic material in Telobag dissolves in water. Plastic is made of synthetic material, does not readily dissolve in hot water. 

  2. Iron it. Telobag does not melt under heat from iron as it is not made of synthetic material. Plastic melt. And it is extremely hot.

  3. Burn it. Plastic drips and melts when burnt, and shrinks into small, hard thermoplastic. Telobag does not melt, burns into organic ash.


Telobag as a sustainable plastic bag replacement