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Size 44 Multipurpose Laundry, Packaging, Trash Bag

Size 44 Multipurpose Laundry, Packaging, Trash Bag

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30 pieces/pack

Measurement= 44cm x 60cm

water-soluble, plant-based, biodegradable, home compostable, plastic-free, anti static bags.
Suitable for:
-Fruits & Vegetables
-Kitchen and Paper Waste (Properly Drained)
-Various Packaging Purposes

Optimal Storage Method:
-Avoid Direct Contact with Hot Water
-Keep Away from Direct Sunlight
-Room Temperature of 22-30 Degrees Celcius
-Store any Unused Bag in Closed Container

For bulk orders (200 packs & above), expect 2 weeks lead time.

Made from cassava root.
ZERO micro-plastic particles.
Non-toxic to animals and plants.
Dissolves in the seas & rivers.
Decomposes along with food waste, paper products or animal waste.
The hydrophilic nature of Telobag allows natural degradation by microorganisms. Please keep away from warm water.

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